I'm a colorful Chicago character. 

{ Also, product designer & websmith: 1998–2014 }


So what do I do?

I create websites and applications for people who communicate and create. I focus on making simple stuff simple for them, and hard stuff possible. I design and code, mainly with JavaScript.

Kindly check out my work for more details.

In real life, I'm a bona fide minister. I've officiated two weddings and deejayed four. I speak a little Hindi, make prints and mixes for people, cook vegetarian grub, spend time with family, and travel near and far.


But what have I done?

I’ve been fortunate to work with a fantastic team of dead smart people. For 13 years, we’ve developed a sophisticated CMS. I’ve seen this team grow from two to 55, and launch a network of 300 websites.

We’re behind sites like this, this, and this.

I’ve been flexible in my role, doing product design, full-stack development, and more. Highlights? Building an online music community before Myspace and meeting Apple after "reverse engineering" the iTunes database.

And why do I do this? 

I still love learning it and doing it. Everything began for me with two weeks of HTML in a computer art class, and today I find myself sharding MongoDB collections. That’s more fun that it sounds.

There’s just so much great stuff to learn.

Above all, I’m happiest when I enable others to do, make, and say things on the web. I believe that HTTP is the best thing we’ve done since the printing press, but it should be easier for everyone to participate.